Sunday, November 1, 2009


As many know, there is a great rivalry between the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers. And when they play each other, it is THE game to watch! Since the Vikings beat the Packers when they played in Minnesota, they were out for revenge when the Purple People Eaters came to Lambeau Field today.....and there were some really mixed feelings seeing their beloved Brett Farve returning in purple!

I was sure that the game would be televised down here....but it turns out it was on at the same time as the Arizona Cardinals game, so the local team won out. Not to be deterred, Mom and I dressed in purple, went to the new sports bar to see the game. We were sure that they would have one screen off the Cardinals and on the big Viking-Packer game. But to our disappointment, they said they didn't have the NFL channel. We called around, and just when we thought we were out of luck, we were told that Anitas had satellite and would be showing THE game on at least one screen.

We had an hour before kickoff, so ordered a margarita, and brought a deck of cards to play some Gin 13. My cousin Linda joined us, and we were seated next to a table of guys dressed in green....from the rivalry with disparaging remarks and horn sounds began!

When game time approached, we asked to have the TV changed to THE game. We were given the remote....found the channel that said "Vikings vs Packers".....then read that this channel was not a paid for channel! We frantically went through the channels...others tried the remote...we talked with the bar tender.....but all was in vain. THE game was not going to be shown at Anitas. So we called the Sportsbar in Morristown, and at Los Cab....but no one had access to THE game.

We gave up and came home. I went online and "watched" the game on the play-by-play. I am very happy to report that the Vikings were successful in again beating the Packers, and the Cheeseheads had to admit that our "Cash for Clunkers" program was a good idea.....our gain was their loss.

I was concerned that Brett would get carried away with the excitement of the game, and forget that he was to throw to purple and not green on his way to his next Super Bowl ring, but he proved once again the champion that he is.......and POWER TO THE SENIORS!!!!!!

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