Thursday, November 19, 2009


Daughter Jen, hubby Niels and 11 month old Daniel arrived 40 minutes early from Ohio last night, and reached here by midnight. Daniel was good of the two flights, and slept most of the way. By the time we finished conversations and all were asleep it was after 2 am. Daniel didn't agree with the 2 hour time changes, so was awake and ready to play at 7. YAWN!!!!!

We have already gone to town and walked around to see the new statues. We just finished burgers from the grill, and Daniel is down for his second nap....and think there will be three adults joining him! When he awakens, they plan to take him to the pool....or out to see Bart and hit the pool tomorrow,

Had planned to have "Thanksgiving" tonight, but the big ol' turkey doesn't seem to want to thaw out in the frig, so will do that tomorrow with "Christmas"....then open presents. That will be fun with a little one.

He has been a real trooper....lots of giggles and grins to show off his 7 new teeth. He is starting to feed himself, wave, shake his head and says "Mama" and "Dadda". We are working on "Beautiful, sexy Gramma Chi", but not much luck, yet!

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